Friday, August 30, 2013

ARF to Sell 50/50 Tickets at at I77 Raceway - Labor Day Weekend

ARF, "Animal Rights Fur-Ever" will be selling 50/50 Tickets at the I77 Raceway on Saturday and Sunday to support the Jackson County Animal Shelter! Make sure you purchase a ticket for your chance to win and to help a great cause!

Welcome To Our Blog!

The Jackson County Animal Shelter is passionate about finding "Forever Homes" for animals. In addition to our hard work to find loving families for our homeless animals, we are also advocates for educating others on the importance of spaying and neutering animals to minimize the number of homeless animals in the future.

At Jackson County Animal Shelter, we treat our animals like family. These unwanted, lost, orphaned, neglected or abandoned cats and dogs need a happy home full of love. Animals are socialized and our expert staff can help you choose a new furry friend to match the needs of your home.

We are located in Cottageville, WV - just miles from downtown Ripley - directly beside the Jackson County Fair Grounds and we are open Monday - Friday. 

Please visit us on Facebook for more information and to see some of our animals! Could you save a life? We hope so! Come see us soon!

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