Thursday, December 26, 2013

Jackson County Animal Assists Local Residents With Missing Animals

The Jackson County Animal Shelter has officially launched a Lost & Found Animals campaign to assist residents in the county who have lost or found animals.

Individuals who lose or find an animal may send photos and information to the Jackson County Animal Shelter Facebook page at The animal shelter will create a flyer to print and post and share across social media. The shelter will also post the poster in the MISSING or FOUND album on the Facebook page.

With the photos, individuals should include:

  1. Where the animal is missing from or where it was found
  2. Description
  3. Animal Name 
  4. Contact Name & Phone Number or Preferred Contact Method

Missing or found pets should also be reported to the shelter by calling 304.372.6064. 

The Jackson County Animal Shelter is dedicated to our mission of not only finding homeless pets homes, but also serving pets in our county through awareness and education. We hope to reunite animals with their owners and to continue sharing our animals who still need homes who currently live at our shelter.

Thank you, Jackson County, for your support!