Monday, October 7, 2013

When Do I Switch from Kitten to Cat Food?

A kitten's high-calorie diet needed for a healthy first year gradually declines after their first birthday. At that point, you'll need to start switching to adult cat food.

If your cat has any special nutritional needs, talk to your veterinarian about which food meets your pet's needs. When you make the decision on which food to use, introduce the cat over a period of about 7-1o days. Mix equal amounts of the new and current food and gradually reduce the old food until they are eating a full serving of adult cat food.

Pay attention to make sure your cat doesn't have a loss of appetite or any allergic reactions to the food. After that, your furbaby is on its way to being an adult! Hide the car keys! ;)

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It's a NO: Leaving Dogs In Cars

Even just for a minute, leaving a dog in a car can be extremely dangerous. 

A car's temperature rises approximately 40 degrees an hour with most of the temperature increase in the first 30 minutes. On hot days, cars can reach 120 degrees in just minutes! 

Shade, air conditioning or cracking the windows aren't appropriate solutions, either - dogs can still suffer from injury, heatstroke or noxious fume build-up.

Here are a few great tips from Petfinder for alternatives to leaving a dog in a vehicle. Be safe, not sorry! Your furbaby will thank you!